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I'm a 33 (As of 2012) year old amateur game designer, musician, writer, and 3D artist. I became interested in computers as a very small child because my Dad felt his kids would need to know computers to function in the world. Boy was he right! In highschool I was always labeled a computer nerd, yet now most of the jocks I knew tend to know more about the internet than I do! (Twitter? LiveJournal? Google Maps? What is that crap?)

Prodigal started out as an idle afternoon with AGS, and ended up being a huge epic storyline that couldn't possibly be fit into a single game. I've learned a ton about so many things as I've made these games, it has been a wild ride!

For the technical aspects of Prodigal's construction:

-Reason music production software Currently Version 6
-Novation ReMOTE 49SL Compact  MIDI controller.
-For guitar related parts, I use Jackson guitars with active pickups
-Guitar Amp is a Damage Control Demonizer or a Line 6 POD
-Adobe Audition for sound and music post processing.
-Adobe Photoshop for image processing and manipulation
-Gimp for further photo manipulation
-Canon T1i DSLR camera for HD video capture/photography
-Edirol R-09 studio quality stereo field recorder for sound capture

I'm a huge WWE wrestling fan! I thought it was stupid growing up, then discovered it when I was 29, and now it is my favorite thing on television. If your only opinion of wrestling is "I don't like it, it is too fake," you have so utterly missed the point of wrestling you sound like an IDIOT to any fans. Next you'll tell me you just figured out that Lord of the Rings is fake, you genius!

Nobody who watches wrestling thinks it is real. It is an entertainment show, pure and simple. Thinking wrestling even TRIES to portray itself as real puts you in the category of a stupid, stupid person. I know, because I used to be one until I started watching it. Sit down, shut up, and start enjoying the craziest, most exciting shows TV has to offer!

Oh, and ladies? 2 million women tune in to RAW every week in the US alone, many millions more around the world, so it isn't just a show for guys, either. OK, that's enough of a tangent about that.

I'm also a massive Star Wars fan, and took alot of inspiration from George Lucas' amazing story telling abilities for Prodigal. The media viciously hates him because he isn't in the movie guilds and unions, so they always pan his movies. Gullible people read the media and decide they don't like them either, or that Lucas is a bad story teller, or some other pure tripe like that.

Ben Burtt, sound designer for Lucasfilm, is also one of my heroes. The guy turned a broken TV into a laser sword, and a guy wire into a laser gun, for cryin' out loud! Though it'll never happen, I've always wished I could meet him. If you like the sound design in Prodigal, you owe it to Ben Burtt, because I try very hard to work as he does, turning everyday sounds into epic movements. If you DON'T like it, well, then it is my fault for failing in my attempt to be like him!

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